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On The Table
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Some discoveries/thoughts...


A big discovery last night-

we were playing with act 3, and some wedding moments
and amidst an improv with james and rebecca, i asked them to describe to each other, potential spouses, why they had uncertainty about getting married.

And they spoke a lovely litany of fears and anxieties...
and it hit me hard later that night, in terms of our attempt to use wedding as a ritual/dramaturgy for a fantastical bringing together of community...

Living together is hard.
Change is scary

Marriage is when two people agree to be together, and take on those challenges, with intent and love.

In a community,
we live together
but not only do we never agree what that means,
we don't promise ourselves to each other.
We don't commit- certainly not publicly.
And yet we live together.
Bound by rules and tied together by resources, and some basic but vague sense of duty and shared responsibility..

All these things are at play when we share place,
same as when we share a life/home

This couple is getting married.

Living together is hard;
change is scary.

A state never has a comittment ceremony-
what is this event,
for this couple and for us...?

What can we ask this group of people from different places to help us make/accomplish that will help these two people make a commitment, and so doing, consider, in some unreal but meaningful way, what humans who live near each other might attempt if asked to be intentional and generous?

What does it mean to be wedded to strangers?
to place?

Also, act 1

A search for the meaning of place
via what we have been learning about Molalla and Portland...
we are seekers, curious and passionate about what place means- people, events, time, details...and trying to work that out in front of each other and this audience...

Act 2-
the changes in our state we must pay special attention to:

Population/demographic changes
Environmental/timber conflicts
way of life/industry/jobs

welcome, interns.
We are just about all here now...


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