On The Table

On The Table
Liam our stage manager and friend getting the word out...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

me, as always, trying to reiterate and clarify for myself the goals and thruline...

what if our act 1
our lets pretend that
is pretending that through a search for characters, details and some story
we can get a handle on place
and root it enough that when we arrive at act 2
we think we have a sense, some moments of recognition, of the place we started
then act 2 works to complicate that
and act 3 asks- what if we agree together to wed ourselves to others as part of place making...?
what is the delight, the frustration, and the impossibility of that
and how/why is that effort worthy of our time and energy?
as neighbors, as well as a bunch of people in rooms together for this night...

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