On The Table

On The Table
Liam our stage manager and friend getting the word out...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

inviting an audience to help us succeed

I don't want to play by a certain unspoken theatre rule on this particular project-

the rule i refer to is the rule that says
if we explain what we are doing, or why we are doing it
we have failed as artists because the work should speak for itself

but i think that rule only applies if we are attempting to make an event to be witnessed
to be observed and experienced thru a wall, beginning to end

if our event, to succeed, needs not just spectators, but participants
not just suspension of disbelief, but shared stakes

not just obersvation, but investment

and if we, the artists making/sharing the event have been talking about it for months and months
why not actually have the conversation about what we're trying to do
with the folks with whom we are trying to do it?

why should be the only ones who know what's going on, or why...?

i want act 1 to start with a clear, honest open ask-
an invite
a proposal

here's what we're going to try and do tonight
here's what we need from you
here's what we'll try and provide

you are here, so we're going to assume you want us as a group to succeed tonight
so let's try and do that together

i think we need the audience's generosity and trust and affection
yup, affection
by the time they get on those buses...

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