On The Table

On The Table
Liam our stage manager and friend getting the word out...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday- getting closer...

Yesterday, Saturday

Liam and Rebecca went to Spring Fling in Mollala to represent Sojourn at the Mollala Arts Commission booth, and to do some informal interviewing…

Here are some texts I received from them during the day-

“We thinks its important that a couple local Mollala actors have some participation in the show”

I agree.

Then, in this order-

“So, according to a third generation Mollala resident, george should be a tough old buzzard who eats venison and potatoes all year- he probabl”

“ y worked into his 60s topping and then in another part of the industry until he retired. He has an 8th grade education, couldn’t express himself that we”

“ll but was smart. And drank a lot. Our interviewee seemed quite fond of george by the end.”

“We are now eating pulled pork sandwiches. They are delicious.”

awesome work, liam and rebecca, for making the trip- thank you.

Also, Shannon and I are playing phone tag
And are having a good talk tomorrow about story.

Its becoming clearer to me how strongly I feel that story needs to take us thru this event. Relationships, narrative…Act 1, even though we’ll be framing it as research presented by a theater company- it needs to get into rich family and community dynamics, fast.

Act 2 needs to get at ideas, but needs to not lose story.

And act 3, no matter how poetic/magic it gets, no matter how formally adventurous it goes, it needs to bring the story from act 1 back, 30 years later, and it needs to have an occasion as clear as the memorial service in act 1 at its heart. Story is going to give our audience something to connect through, and on, not just issues. Its got to be more GOOD than BUILT in its core, even if formally it’s a real mix.

Thanks to all who have replied two posts ago- if you haven’t yet, I’d sure love to hear from you on that post. And, do note the cool entry from Dave L, our sound designer/composer…exciting to have him onboard and contributing.

More soon.

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